How to avoid a toddler cruise-ship cruise ship tragedy

Posted February 18, 2018 09:25:38 A toddler cruise liner sank off the coast of Chile in the southern part of the country, according to a preliminary report.

The vessel, a Carnival cruise ship, capsized on Wednesday, after a storm on its way from Chile to the Dominican Republic, according the Coast Guard.

A woman aboard the ship died of injuries after the vessel went under.

The cruise ship’s captain was rescued and is expected to make a full recovery, the Coast Guards reported.

The cause of the accident remains under investigation, according a statement from the coast guard.

There were around 50 people on board when the vessel capsized, said the coastguard.

There were no reports of injuries.

The Carnival cruise liner was in Chile’s Pacific coast, with passengers from Chile, the Dominican and Panama.

The cause of Tuesday’s collision is under investigation.

It was not immediately clear how many people were on board or if the cruise ship had been carrying any guests.

The Caribbean island nation of Dominica has been hit by a series of maritime disasters since 2011.

In February 2016, a ship sank off Barbados, killing seven people.

In April 2017, another Carnival cruise- ship sank in the Gulf of Guinea after a hurricane.