How to Spot Cruise Ship Cameras

Cruise ship cameras have caught a lot of people’s attention this summer, with a number of cruise ships coming under scrutiny in the news.

Here are some of the best examples of the voyeurism that has emerged on cruise ships this year.


Cruise ship CCTV footage of a ‘sex slave’ on board a cruise ship has been posted to YouTube.

The footage shows a female cruise ship passenger being held down by two men on the cruise ship.


A cruise ship CCTV video shows a woman being sexually assaulted by two people.

A woman is seen being sexually harassed by two passengers on a cruise liner on the Costa Concordia cruise ship in July.


A video shows two people on a luxury cruise ship using a sex slave to masturbate.

This video, which was taken by a passenger on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea, was posted to social media on June 28.


A luxury cruise liner passenger filmed a group of people using a “sex slave” to masturbating.

The video, titled “Dancing Sex Slave”, was uploaded to Instagram on June 25.

The men were also seen dancing to music and having sex with the women.


A man is seen using a phone to secretly film a sex worker being sexually abused on a high-end cruise ship, which is being dubbed the “Hottest Carnival Cruise”.

The video is being shared on Instagram and has been viewed more than 2 million times.


A new video posted to Facebook shows two men, wearing “Make Love Not War” T-shirts, filming a group having sex on a yacht.

The two men are seen laughing as they take part in the sexual act.


A passenger has been filmed filming a woman and two men being sexually attacked on a ship in the Caribbean Sea.

The clip, entitled “Crab in a Crack”, shows the women and men being filmed being sexually molested and assaulted by three men.


A female passenger on the boat in question has been filming a man and a woman having sex.

The man is shown on the video as he has sex with a woman on the yacht.


A tourist from China has posted a video of a woman masturbating on board the Costa Cruises “most expensive yacht” in the Black Sea.


A photo of two men filming a sex attack has been shared on Facebook.

The woman, who cannot be identified, is seen sitting on the top deck of a luxury yacht, where the two men sit on the deck.


A photograph posted on Instagram shows two women having sex while they are on board of a luxurious cruise ship with a man on board.

The women are shown having sex as they are filmed.


A member of the public posted a photo of a man using a smartphone to secretly record a group being sexually and verbally abused on board an Italian cruise ship during a party on July 18.


A couple was seen filming their relationship on a vacation yacht.

This photo, which has been widely shared, shows the couple on a holiday yacht with their two children.


A “sex worker” was filmed on a plane in a luxury hotel in the Indian Ocean.

The incident was reported to the Italian police.


A girl on a private yacht is seen on a beach with her husband, and they are seen having sex in a hotel pool.


A selfie of two couples kissing in a pool at a resort in France was shared on social media by a tourist from India.

The photo, titled, “Sexy Indian Couple on a Private Island”, was shared by a man who is an IT professional in India and a man from Australia.


A picture posted on Snapchat showed a woman, dressed in a red gown, and a group in a private room on a Costa Cruise cruise ship while one man was seen having oral sex with her.

The caption read: “Hola lado” (good evening) 18.

A social media user posted a selfie of a naked man with a blonde woman sitting on a sofa, in a bed and on a balcony.

The user captioned the photo, “Fantastic time”.

The photo was shared almost 5,000 times.


A post on Instagram showed a group on a “secret cruise” on a luxurious yacht.

One of the men is seen having intercourse with another woman.


A group of men were filmed having sex inside a yacht while dressed in black and wearing a “Sexist Black Shirt” which was the cover of a magazine.


A private yacht owner in Spain posted a picture of two young women and a young man having sex at a luxury resort.

The image was shared more than 100,000 time.


A ‘private yacht’ owner in England was caught filming two men having sex aboard a luxury ocean liner.

The Instagram user caption, “Two men having fun in a Private Boat on a Black Sea Cruise”.


A photographer posted a nude selfie of an Asian man