Cruise ship disneys Cruise ship cruise ship Disney ship set to reopen

The cruise ship Disneyland Resort will reopen on Saturday, but guests are advised to avoid the area and stay indoors.

The cruise ships are scheduled to leave San Diego, Anaheim and Los Angeles for their regular season and return on Nov. 21.

Disney said it expects the ship to have about 7,500 rooms and restaurants when it opens on Saturday.

In addition, guests on the Disney Cruise Line can book room packages for $49.95 per person, which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Guests can also get a complimentary Disney Passport for use on Disney World or other Disney-owned properties.

The Disney ship, which is currently in the waters off the coast of South Florida, has been the subject of several accidents, including a 2009 fire that left two people dead and several injured.

Disney has yet to comment on the fire.

The ship’s sister ship, the Disney Princess, also is scheduled to reopen Saturday.

A fire on one of the ships caused the fire, and Disney says it is investigating.

The fires in both ships are being investigated.

The ships are expected to be open by Nov. 16, but Disneyland has warned guests not to travel on any of them during the holiday season.

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