Why you should buy an Aurora cruise ship instead of a Donald Trump cruise ship

The Trump-branded cruise ship that has become a global hit has arrived in London with its trademark red sails and Trump-themed banners.

It’s the third Trump-inspired cruise ship in the UK, following a 2014 Trump-brand luxury yacht and the Trump-owned Trump SoHo hotel in 2015.

The cruise ship named after US President Donald Trump, the Aurora is being built by the Trump Organization’s London-based Trump SoFi cruise line and will go into operation this summer.

Its name is a reference to the ship’s name.

After months of planning, the Trump SoHi cruise line has finally unveiled the Aurora, which is a three-meter (12 feet) long, 120-meter-long (350-foot) luxury yacht with a crew of 80 and a restaurant.

The Aurora is the latest incarnation of the Trump brand and was unveiled in February.

It was originally planned to go into service in 2021, but the Trump administration halted the project last year after Trump was elected president.

The cruise line said that the company was not yet in a position to provide final details on the project and that it had not yet been completed.