How to avoid being in a boat accident

India’s maritime accident and rescue system is often criticised for being inefficient, underfunded and inefficient.

But experts say the system can do a lot more to help rescue people from shipwrecks.

The Times spoke to experts to find out how the Indian Navy can improve its response to maritime accidents and rescue.


When is a rescue mission best?

A disaster is a very big deal.

It can be devastating.

So the first thing is to make sure you’re on the right spot and have the right people there.

A rescue mission needs to be able to take off and land safely, so the rescue team needs to know where they’re going, what they’re doing, and how they’re responding.

So, it needs to have a plan and be ready to respond in a very short period of time.

So it needs a plan for landing and getting off the boat, for setting up a rescue boat and for getting people off the ship.

It needs to make a decision about when to take people off and where to land, for making sure they’re OK.

It also needs to determine the best place to set up a medical rescue ship, which is also called a medical helicopter.

A medical helicopter will be there to pick up and transport people off a ship.

But a rescue helicopter needs to land first, and then a medical team can be set up there to get people off of the ship, if needed.


How do you know when a rescue team is ready to land?

They need to know that if the boat is really sinking, they need to have some sort of emergency rescue plan in place.

So they need an emergency plan, and they need the crew to have that plan in hand.

Then they need some sort to make the plan work.

If they’re not on the correct map, they have to know how to map that correctly.

So that means they need a medical map, which means that medical helicopters need to land in safe locations, and a rescue plan needs to include that.

And then they need somebody on board to make decisions about when they need help.

So you need a team on board, which also means that they need medical supplies, and that means medical equipment, and so on.

So when a team arrives on the scene, the rescue plan will be prepared.

So there needs to really be a plan in advance.


How will the team know when to land on a ship?

So they have their medical map in hand, and there’s a plan, they know what they need.

Then the rescue crew needs to check that plan, so they can land safely and get the injured people off.

The rescue team must then assess the situation and then decide how they want to proceed.

Then it needs someone on board who will make the decision.

So if you’re going to land with someone, you need someone to make that decision.

They need somebody to make their decision first.

So your medical team needs a doctor, and your rescue team has a medical doctor.

So how will the medical team make that choice?

And then the rescue helicopter gets there.

So then they land, they take off the people, and get them off the helicopter.

So once they’re off the chopper, the medical staff needs to assess the medical situation and make a medical decision.

Then then you can take off that helicopter, and you land safely on the ship with the injured.

That’s how a rescue operation should work.

So now you have a rescue task, but what can you do to make it work?

Well, the first priority is to ensure that the medical helicopter has a map of the scene and that you know what you need to do.

So a medical officer will come on board the helicopter, make a call for medical supplies and medical personnel.

So somebody needs to come on that helicopter and have some kind of plan for how the rescue will work.

Then there needs also to be an assessment of the medical condition of the people on board.

So we’ll have to make certain that the people in the helicopter are OK.

So these are all things that need to be considered when deciding where to send people off, and where the rescue boat will land.

And so you need some way to get a medical supply in the air, and some way for the rescue to get that medical supply.

So people need to understand that if you need something medical, you’ll need somebody who knows how to do that.

So this is why the rescue ship needs to stay in the area where the ship is, and make sure the medical supplies are safe.

So someone needs to go on board that rescue helicopter and make the medical decision, and if it’s a medical emergency, they can decide how to get medical supplies off the rescue aircraft.

So at this point, you have got an emergency situation, and the medical rescue team will decide where they want their medical supplies to land.

So basically, this is how a medical response works in a shipwreck.

So why are there so many shipwres