Why are cruise ships so expensive?

The world’s largest cruise ship fleet has become so expensive that some cruise lines are struggling to find new revenue streams.

Read moreThe US$3.7bn ship, called the Cape Canaveral Cruises, was built in 2001 by Carnival Cruise Lines.

The ship has been at sea since 2002.

Carnival said last year it had $1.4bn in revenue from the ship and the rest from other cruise lines.

The company’s chief executive, Frank Hines, said last week the ship was losing $1m a day.

Citigroup analyst David McBride said the company’s losses from the cruise ship business had been “huge”.

He said Carnival was spending $1bn to rebuild the ship, and had only managed to recover about $800,000.

The Cape Canaveral cruise line operates seven cruise ships and a ship-based terminal, which is now undergoing an overhaul.

It is the largest cruise line in the world.

The US government’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has said that the cruise ships have been among the world’s worst offenders for pollution.

The agency said in 2013 that they were one of the world-worst offenders for causing climate change.

The company is also facing environmental complaints over the way it manages its waste.

Last year, Carnival was fined $1,000 by the federal Environmental Protection Agency over the ship’s treatment of marine debris.

The fine was the largest ever imposed on a cruise ship operator.

Citing safety concerns, Carnival decided to cut the size of its waste vessels from 30 tonnes to just seven.