When is Carnival Cruise Ships coming to the United States?

Carnival Cruise ships, the world’s largest cruise line, are set to begin a U.S. cruise in 2021.

Carnival CEO Anthony De Rosa said Tuesday that the company plans to add four new ships in 2021, bringing the total to 22.

He said the expansion will bring the company’s total cruise ship capacity to 2,700 ships, or about 10% more than the current cruise fleet.

The company is planning to begin its first two new ships, an all-new Carnival Princess, in 2022 and the new Royal Caribbean Queen Mary, in 2023.

The Royal Caribbean Princess will be the first new Carnival ship in the United Kingdom, but De Rosa added that the ship will still be based in the Caribbean.

Carnival’s expansion is not expected to affect the company or its customers in the U.K., where the Princess and Queen Mary are scheduled to sail in 2021 and 2023, respectively.

Carnival expects to have 3,500-plus ships in the world by 2021, compared to 2.6 million today.