Cruise ship owners are pushing for ‘No Man’s Land’ on South America

Cruise ship owner, owners and crew say they want a ‘No Mans Land’ in the South American archipelago to help ease the migrant crisis.

The proposal, which is under consideration by the European Union and other countries, calls for a ‘safe corridor’ to the coast to help migrants and refugees who are caught in the sea and can’t be repatriated.

The idea, which was put forward by the Spanish cruise line Cruzea de los Huesos, comes as tensions rise between Costa Rican President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and other European countries.

The EU has said it would take no action until the Costa Rican government agrees to take steps to address the crisis, including repatriating migrants who have reached the southern Caribbean.

The European Commission has also suggested that Costa Rica’s government take responsibility for asylum seekers arriving in the country and taking responsibility for the reception and care of migrants.

Costa Rica is a major destination for migrants seeking to cross the Atlantic, from Africa to South America, but its government has struggled to deal with the surge in migrants.

The government recently imposed restrictions on the flow of goods, such as water and food, between the southern and northern parts of the country.

The country’s economy is heavily dependent on the tourist industry, and the surge of migrants in recent years has hit its tourism sector hard.

Costa Rican authorities have been forced to put restrictions on tourism, including restricting the number of people who can visit Costa Rica and the possibility of tourists arriving in one area.

Costa Ricans have long been opposed to the expansion of the island nation to accommodate more refugees and migrants, but they were among the first countries in the region to support the idea of a ‘no-mans-land’ for migrants.

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