Why are cruise ships canceling all their cruise ship travel plans?

The cruise ship industry has suffered a series of ship cancellas in recent months, and some travelers have been left stranded in the port of Charleston, South Carolina, after cruise ship ships stopped returning to the city due to high demand.

The U.S. Coast Guard and the International Maritime Bureau have both reported cruise ship arrivals and departures to Charleston and Savannah, Georgia, for the past week, but officials have not released any numbers for how many cruise ships have left the port, the Associated Press reported.

Charleston International Airport was closed Thursday, while Savannah International Airport is closed Tuesday.

The U.K.’s Heathrow Airport was also closed Thursday because of high demand for passengers.

The cruise industry is struggling with record passenger arrivals and low departures in recent years as cruise ships cruise the globe.

In the past year, cruise lines have canceled more than 2,600 voyages, according to the International Cruise Line Association.

That number has more than tripled from just a year ago.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.