Jets’ Fitzpatrick expected to miss game with concussion

NEW YORK — Jets quarterback Geno Smith is expected to be out for the rest of the preseason with a concussion.

Coach Todd Bowles said Thursday that Smith was examined by the team’s medical staff and was cleared to return to practice Saturday.

The Jets did not have any other information on his condition, but Bowles was optimistic Smith would be ready for the season opener against the Miami Dolphins on Oct. 31.

The quarterback’s absence could make it difficult for the Jets to fill the backup role.

The Jets opened their preseason schedule with a 45-20 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday.

Bowles has been under fire for his lack of play, especially in the second half of the season, and the team has been without starters Jacoby Brissett and Josh McCown.

The team could still be without their starting quarterback in Week 1 against the New York Giants.

Smith has missed five games since suffering the concussion in the preseason opener against Tampa Bay in Week 6.

Smith had missed three games with a shoulder injury in 2013.

10 things you didn’t know about private cruise ships

When I was in the shipping industry, there were only two kinds of ships: those that went down in flames or those that didn’t.

And when one went down, the other one was a lot easier to repair and operate.

And it’s been a constant theme since then: ships go down, ships go back up.

But what’s not as obvious is that while most ships are going down in the ocean, they can still be repaired.

And as far as I can tell, there are only two ways to do that: ship the wreck, or ship the ship.

The ship, or the shipwreck.

What makes this distinction interesting is that the ships themselves don’t actually cause the disaster, they simply become a staging area for the crew to go and get supplies and other equipment.

So if a ship gets caught in a hurricane and isn’t fixed, the crew can go and retrieve it, and if it’s a shipwreck, they go and take care of the damage.

That way, there’s a certain amount of certainty that there’s going to be some kind of salvage operation, or that someone’s going be there to look after the ship or help with the repairs.

But the ship’s also a kind of staging area, which is why there’s so much confusion.

For example, if a passenger ship gets a big wave and is sinking, that can cause a fire on board the ship, and that could cause it to go down in a disaster.

So, when a ship goes down, it’s actually a staging point.

But when the crew goes to fix it, they have to wait a long time for it to be repaired and repaired and fixed.

And this is where a lot of the confusion comes from.

In theory, the ship can be repaired as soon as a disaster strikes.

In practice, it usually takes a long, long time to get it fixed.

One of the more popular ships in the US, the Carnival Triumph, has a history of disasters and fires, but it’s not known to have ever sunk or sunken or sunk into the ocean.

The cruise ship industry is very secretive.

So when a fire starts, they don’t want to reveal any details, or they don´t want to know the exact cause of the fire, and so on.

I’ve also been told that there are no rules about how much fuel the ship will use, or how much water it can carry, and other details about the ship itself.

And in theory, you can’t be sure what’s going on under the deck, and you can´t even be sure that it is a ship, because the hull is so thin that it could be a submarine.

So in theory the ship should be able to hold a maximum of 10,000 passengers.

But that is just speculation.

And I think it’s important to point out that the Carnival company does have some records that are published on the website of the United States Coast Guard.

So I think that’s a good starting point, because you know what, I think if the Carnival was in trouble, I’m sure they would have some sort of record of the ship and its problems.

The last thing I want to mention is that many ships are still in service and that the number of passengers and crew has risen steadily.

But there are still a lot more cruise ships than there used to be.

We’ve seen a steady increase in the number, as well as in the size of the cruise ships.

In fact, the total number of ships in operation today is roughly 8.5 million, or about 14% of the world’s total cruise ships today.

And there are currently 2,500 private cruise vessels, which are about half of all passenger ships.

So the number is still increasing.

But as long as the cruise industry continues to expand, we’re going to see more and more cruise lines and more and better cruise ships, and hopefully some of the ships that are going to crash in the future.

But if you were to look at the numbers, and look at just the ships you’re aware of, the number will probably remain flat or even decline.

So if you want to see a ship go down or a cruise ship go up, you need to look more closely.

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Cruise ship model: Cargo ship cruise ship model

This model of cruise ship cargo ship has been designed by UK company Cruise Ship.

It’s based on the model used by the United States Navy and is called the USS Stinson, or the USS Mackinac.

It was developed by the firm KPMG and is one of the first cargo ship models that uses a custom design.

The company also has a website, where it shows off a variety of cargo ship designs, including the one shown here.

The model is available for purchase for $1,988, and is available in four sizes: 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet long.

It weighs more than 700 tons and can carry 1,100 passengers, according to the company’s website.

You can buy the model for around $2.6 million.

The model is currently only available in the US and the UK, but KPMGs hopes to expand the model to other countries soon.

Read more about cruise ships:

How to spot the missing cruise ship suite

With a ship as big as the cruise ship fleet, it’s no surprise that the cabin crew will be there for every ride and every adventure.

Here’s a look at what you need to know to spot a missing cruise ships cabin.1.

Cabin Crews will be in charge of the ship from the moment the ship docks at its dock at the Port of Miami, and they’ll be the first ones off the ship, too.2.

They’ll be paid $2,000 per person per day.3.

The captain and other cabin crew members will receive $2 million for each cruise ship they serve.4.

Each cabin will have its own room and bathroom.5.

The cruise ships’ entertainment system will be integrated into the ship’s cabin.6.

The cabin crew must wear the same clothes as the crew on the ship.7.

They will wear a red-and-white striped uniform that can be changed every day.8.

They can have no more than four adult beverages on board.9.

They must wear a seatbelt on board the ship and wear headphones on board when they’re not aboard.10.

They are allowed to leave the ship anytime.11.

The crewmembers will be required to wear headphones to help keep the ship safe.12.

They have to wear a suit and tie when on board or in their cabin.13.

They cannot use the bathroom while they’re aboard.14.

They need to wash their hands before each meal.15.

They also cannot drink alcohol while on board unless they are on board with someone who’s drinking.16.

They’re required to stay hydrated and have access to a water source.17.

The ship is designed so that there are no restrooms onboard or off.18.

They may not use the restroom after 7 p.m. or after 9 p.t.

If a bathroom needs to be changed or if they need to use a restroom, they must be notified.19.

They don’t need to bring their own toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, shampoo and conditioner.20.

They aren’t allowed to bring any kind of equipment into the cabin.21.

The captains cabin can be searched at any time, but the crewmembers cabin will not.22.

If the crewmember is found to have left the ship without permission, they can be arrested and prosecuted for illegal entry.23.

The search will be conducted by a specially trained canine unit, who will look for clues to where the crew may have gone.24.

If someone’s cabin is found in a disaster zone, the ship will be brought to the scene.25.

The ships cabin is open 24 hours a day.26.

When the ship is not in port, it is supposed to be at sea for at least five days a week, but when the cruise ships are in port and it’s a disaster, it can stay at sea until the ship comes back.27.

The passengers will have to sign contracts that they’re under the supervision of a captain, crewmember or the cruise director.

They sign the contracts while in the ship while the ship sits at anchor in the Atlantic Ocean.

They return to the ship after they’ve signed the contracts.28.

Once the ship returns to port, the cruise line will be allowed to call off the cabin service.29.

After the ship has left port, they will need to sign a release of liability that is signed by the captain, cabin crewmember, cruise director and all crewmembers.30.

Once they return to their homes, they’ll need to keep their passports, personal effects and belongings.31.

After they return home, the crew members can go out and eat dinner, and the passengers can go to the beach and relax.32.

If they have an emergency on board, the cabin will be able to call for help, and if the ship needs to get out of the water, the captains cabin crewmembers and the cruise staff will be available to take care of it.33.

If there’s a fire, the captain and crew members must evacuate and take shelter in the cabin while the other passengers are taken to the boat.34.

Once people have left, they won’t be able go back on board until they’re taken to their hotel.35.

The crews cabin will stay open 24-hour a day, but they’re allowed to stay out until 7 p,m.

If anyone needs to leave and get back to the hotel, they need permission from the cruise manager.36.

If an emergency happens on board at any point during a cruise, the passengers will be taken to a hotel room, and people will be kept there until a hotel is ready to accommodate them.37.

If people need to go to a doctor, the hotel will contact the cruise company to see if they have to come in.38.

If somebody is in the emergency room, they’re told they’re going

How to stay safe while travelling with your kids

Cruise ships have been known to feature children in their cargoes for years, but the cruise industry is starting to make the effort more explicit.

According to a new report, parents and guardians need to be aware of the dangers of allowing children to be on the ship while it is in port.

A cruise operator called SeaWorld has created a policy that prohibits children under the age of 16 from being onboard the ships that carry its theme parks, including Walt Disney World.

The policy comes after the amusement park operator was sued by two children for not providing them with the necessary training for their participation in a Halloween party.

The Disney Cruise Line is currently facing an investigation by the Department of Labor over its handling of child labor, according to The Hill. 

The policy comes as the company is embroiled in a lawsuit brought by two of its former employees.

One of those employees is now suing the company over a child labor incident that occurred at SeaWorld’s Florida parks in 2015. 

SeaWorld said in a statement that the policy would protect children and families and would prohibit employees from providing “a venue where children may engage in conduct that is disruptive to the safety of the vessel or its guests.” 

“Our policy of no children under 16 on our ships is designed to ensure that our guests, staff and guests will feel safe while aboard our vessels,” the company said in the statement.

“The policy will also prohibit any employees or agents from engaging in conduct or activity that may interfere with or disrupt the safety and enjoyment of the guests, crew, or guests on the ships.”