How to find cruise ship companies in Canada

A cruise ship company’s disappearance has put the spotlight back on a mystery that has gripped the country for years.

The Canadian Maritime Safety Authority says the disappearance of a cruise ship from an Alaskan cruise line has created a new mystery.

The Alaskans said in a statement that the ship was lost in rough seas on Aug. 22 off the coast of Kamloops, B.C. It is unclear what happened to the vessel, which was registered to the Cruise Ships of the World company.

On Tuesday, the CMA released an update on the case.

It said it is aware of information from two sources regarding the disappearance and the search for the vessel.

It was not immediately clear if these sources had information that could assist the search, the statement said.

There is a possibility the vessel may have been sunk by a commercial vessel or that there may have be some other unknown cause, the report said.

It also noted that there is no indication of foul play.

What we know about the disappearance of cruise ships from the Atlantic Ocean

U.S. Coast Guard investigators say they have recovered a cruise ship from the ocean and are looking into whether it could have been hijacked, the Miami Herald reported.

The Coast Guard was dispatched to a search area off the Florida coast Saturday to find the ship and find out if it could be used as a weapon, the Associated Press reported.

Investigators have not yet determined whether it was used in a criminal act, but they are investigating whether the ship could be a victim of a hijacking.

The vessel was carrying about 700 passengers and crew when it vanished off the coast of Miami around 7:30 a.m. local time, the Coast Guard said.

It’s unclear whether it ever made it to shore.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

How to identify a cruise ship disappearance

The FBI is investigating a cruise-ship disappearance that took place off the coast of Georgia on Friday, CNN affiliate WSB-TV reported.

The Coast Guard said in a statement that the cruise ship, called “Chesapeake,” was en route from Boston to New York and that passengers and crew were aboard when it disappeared off the southern tip of Georgia.

Authorities found the cruise-ships’ two remaining passengers and one crew member, but the Coast Guard did not say how many people were aboard the vessel.

The Coast Guard, in a joint statement with Georgia authorities, said it will not release any further information on the incident until the investigation is complete.