How to get to Atlantis cruise ship stranded in Indian Ocean

An Indonesian cruise ship that capsized off the coast of Bali this month has become stranded in the Indian Ocean, leaving passengers stranded for weeks without food or water, according to reports.

The Ocean Star, an 80-meter vessel, was on a scheduled visit to Indonesia when it capsized on May 28 after being hit by strong winds and heavy seas off the island of Borneo, a disaster management official told the AFP news agency on Thursday.

The cruise ship has been left without water and food for weeks.

The ship is one of the largest owned by Indonesian-owned Carnival Corp, which is owned by the Indonesian government.

The company’s owner, Indonesian cruise operator Sisca, told the Reuters news agency the ship is now stranded in a remote area of the Indian ocean with a lifeboat waiting for rescue.

“The Oceanstar’s captain and crew have been stranded for more than two weeks in a dark, stormy area on the edge of the Gulf of Thailand.

The crew and passengers are not getting any food and no water, the Siscavian said.

The ocean surface is calm but the winds are strong, and the ship’s hull is very unstable,” he said.”

We have requested assistance from the Indonesian Coast Guard to ensure the safety of the passengers and crew.””

We hope that all of the people on board the Oceanstar can get to safety.

We have also requested the authorities to expedite the rescue operation.”

Carnival said it has sent a team to help in the rescue effort.

The Sea Lion, another large ship owned by Indonesia’s Carnival Corp. which has capsized twice off the country’s coast, is also stuck in the Gulf.