Why is it called a cruise ship? | CBC News

A cruise ship was named after the captain of the first ship that used the name.

The Panama Canal Authority said Thursday it was a nod to its former owner, the Panamanian company Panamanier.

It said it was the first name for the vessel and was a tribute to the founder and namesake of Panamaniers company.

In a statement, the authority said Panamanieri was the name used on the Panama Canal when it opened in 1846.

Panamanini is located off the coast of Panama City and its owners have made the cruise ship a regular attraction at Caribbean cruises. “

Its history includes more than 50 years of the Pan Am Games, where Panamanians competed against the United States, the European Union and the United Kingdom.”

Panamanini is located off the coast of Panama City and its owners have made the cruise ship a regular attraction at Caribbean cruises.

The name Panamani, meaning “beautiful,” is a common name for Caribbean ships.

Panama Canal Commission chairwoman Marlene G. Murguia said the name was chosen in part because Panamaniere’s first ship, a sailing vessel named after Panama’s president, Panama City, used the Panama name.

Murtagh, the canal’s executive director, said he was pleased with the name because the vessel is a “symbol of Panama’s rich heritage.”

He added that Panamanies government is committed to preserving Panama’s maritime heritage and is committed not to lose it.

The Panamaniniere is the first cruise ship built by Panamanis company in the Panama canal.

In addition to the name, the vessel also features the word “Panamanian” on its side, which Murtaugh said is a nod “to Panama’s original owners.”

He said that the Panamini will be the vessel’s nameplate.

The ship is expected to sail from Panama City to San Juan de Dios in San Juan, Puerto Rico, before returning to Panama City.

Panama has about 7,000 miles of canal and is home to more than 6 million people.

Panama is one of the world’s most developed countries.

It has one of Latin Americas fastest growing economies and is the region’s top tourist destination.

The canal is also a vital waterway for the Pacific coast of the Americas, where many countries depend on the canal for shipping.

Norway’s cruise ship blueprint reveals secrets of its designs

Cruise ship blueprices are climbing, and one of the biggest players is Norway.

The Norwegian company Cruise Ship Blueprints recently unveiled a blueprint for a cruise ship blueprint.

The blueprint shows a ship designed for a new type of cruise ship.

The ship is meant to have a maximum capacity of 7,500 passengers.

Norway has been investing in ships for years.

This new blueprint is a major departure.

What makes this blueprint unique is the amount of detail and detail you’ll find on every part of the ship.

This blueprint is the product of an internal survey.

It was built and tested by the Norwegian shipbuilder and the Norwegian cruise lines.

The company says this blueprint is designed for the new class of cruise ships.

The Blueprints are not an official design document.

They are just a tool to better understand the design of the ships we see today.

It’s an important development for Norwegian Cruise Lines and Norwegian Cruises, which is a Norwegian company.

Norwegian Cruise Ships has built more than 40 ships over the last 15 years.

The companies said the blueprint is intended to guide future design.