How Disney names cruise ships

A Disney spokeswoman says the name of a cruise ship in New York has been changed to honor the victims of a terror attack at a French resort last week.

A spokesman for the cruise line said the name change was made Wednesday after the French resort of Nice was attacked by a man who was apparently trying to kill passengers and crew.

The spokeswoman said the resort’s name, the St. Bartholomew’s, was changed to Honoré de Gaulle after the attacks.

The spokeswoman said that honorifics are not usually applied to names that reference other events or the past.

The St. Jean-Domingue was renamed the St.-Antoine-de-Lyon after the massacre of an Algerian army officer in November 2015.

The ship is not owned by Disney.

Disney spokeswoman Jennifer Ainsworth said that while the name was changing, it was a matter of honor for the ship’s owner, the French company, to honor those killed in the attack on Nice.

“Disney does not want to name a ship after someone who commits a terrorist attack,” Ainspool said.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, speaking Wednesday before a security meeting in Paris, said the French government will not allow any “terror” cruise ships to enter French waters in the coming days.

Valls also said that if an incident occurs at the St-Jean-Domedue, it will be handled “in the strongest possible way.”

Varses said he will ask French President Emmanuel Macron to extend the temporary ban on the St, Jean-domingue until a new security plan is in place.

Valls said he has asked the government to provide him with details on how to handle the situation.

The French government has been criticized for allowing the ship to be named after the terrorist attack.