Italian cruise ship orders a cruise missile

The Italian cruise line, MCX Cruises, has ordered a cruise missiles, an upgraded version of its current cruise missile, for use against incoming cruise missiles in a potential conflict.

The company said it would purchase 12 to 15 cruise missiles from Lockheed Martin Corp. and would have them ready for use by 2020.

The decision to buy cruise missiles was first reported by Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Friday.

The missiles are capable of launching up to 10 megatons of explosive energy.

MCX’s order follows a similar order from a British company, BAE Systems, in March to upgrade its cruise missiles.

The order for cruise missiles comes as tensions between Russia and NATO have risen.

The two nations have traded accusations over Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in 2014, a move that prompted NATO to increase military spending.

Russia has warned that it would use any means necessary to protect its territory if the United States launches cruise missiles at it.

Topless cruise ships are not safe for passengers

Italian cruise ships may have to be closed after being discovered with live cockroaches and a dangerous lack of toilet seats.

Sources close to the investigation said the shipyards and the cruise line were in talks to make changes to the vessel to stop the spread of the deadly infection.

“We are talking to the cruise ships operators and the marine parks to make sure that there is a solution that will make them safe,” said Andrea Saldana, an investigator with the anti-cruelty watchdog.

The cruise ship is the flagship of the cruise ship line P&o Cruises.

The investigation into the outbreak of the fungus has revealed the existence of live cockroach in toilets on board the ship.

“There are no toilets in the ship,” said Saldanas investigation.

“They are not designed for the presence of cockroach.

There are no places where cockroches can live.

It is very sad.”

Saldanas report was published on Wednesday and has not yet been confirmed by the authorities.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The outbreak has already affected about 50 passengers and crew on the ship and forced the evacuation of about 100 passengers and staff.

The P&O Cruises website says the ship is a family of luxury cruises, with its capacity for more than 60 guests.

The vessel was due to leave Italy in early March and was scheduled to arrive in France on April 10.

Barbie Cruise ship killer: I’m a cruise ship killer, says woman who took her own life

A woman who went on a terrifying killing spree aboard a cruise liner after a row over the size of her breasts was caught on camera is claiming she was the victim of a cruise-ship killer.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was the passenger on a Costa Concordia ship that sank off the coast of Portugal in April 2015.

The vessel’s captain and other crew members were on a holiday in the Caribbean, according to a police report obtained by the Associated Press.

The video shows the woman holding her breasts and sitting on the railing, wearing only a bathing suit.

The footage shows the captain and the other crew member holding their arms and legs and sitting in a row together.

They are all smiling and appear to be laughing at the woman’s behavior, the report said.

The captain, who was also wearing a life jacket, told police he had seen the woman in distress on the night of April 22, and told her to get off the ship.

She tried to jump off the railing and the life jacket and he threw it to the ground.

He told the woman she was going to die and threw her overboard, the police report said, adding that he had “felt threatened” by her.

He had called for backup and instructed the captain to use his “last resort” — a lifeboat — because of her size, the Associated Report said.

Police also found several items, including the woman on the lifeboat’s railing, which had her breasts cut open and several knives.

They also found a pair of her pants.

“She was crying because she felt like she was being raped by someone,” the woman told police.

The report also said that she was “screaming for help,” according to AP.

She also told police that the captain, the lifeguard and the crew members had “inadvertently” let her board the ship without telling her and that she had taken her own lives, according the report.

Costa Concordian captain accused of ‘gross negligence’ in Costa Concord disaster article “It is clear that this woman did not receive a warning from her captain and had no warning of the potential dangers of the ship,” the Costa Concordians Costa Concordien captain was also accused of gross negligence in the incident, according a statement by the Costa Union, which represents the cruise line.

“The captain and others should have done more to prevent her from boarding the ship and then they should have been punished for their actions,” the statement said.

Costa Union also said the cruise company is “considering legal action” against the captain.

The Costa Concordes Costa Concordis cruise ship sank April 18, 2015, in the Mediterranean Sea, killing 34 people.

In April, a report commissioned by the cruise ship’s owners accused the captain of “gross negligence” in the death of the woman.

The crew and passengers were not given any warning of what to expect when the Costa Cruises ship came under attack.

“There is no question that the actions of the crew and crew members have contributed to this tragedy and their negligence,” the report read.

“At this stage, the facts of the case do not suggest the captain or any of the others are to blame for this tragedy.”

How to avoid cruise ship or sex scandal in India

The Chinese cruise ship Shanghai Princess has come under fire for an orgy aboard its ship.

| REUTERS/China Daily A new book by a Chinese author, entitled “Carnal and Indecent,” details an orgasmic sex session with passengers aboard the Shanghai Princess.

The book was published this week in China’s state-run Xinhua News Agency, and details a 20-minute sex session between one of the ship’s five crew members and at least one woman, who were not the crew members.

The book, which is titled “Sex of the Seven Stars,” says the passengers were “lucky” to have experienced a sexual encounter with the ship, the Shanghai Times reported.

According to the book, the crew member was “delighted to find that the Princess’s passengers are not just lucky, but also strong and courageous.”

It also said the princess was “curious” about the sex, and said that the crew was “a little jealous,” according to the Shanghai News.

The author also revealed that one of her “friends” had been the first to come to the Princess after the sex.

The Shanghai Times said the story was published on Tuesday, with the author’s name and photo published along with the caption: “The princess was not amused.

It was as if she was looking at her own naked body.”

The Shanghai News reported that the sex session was recorded by CCTV cameras, and was uploaded to social media on Thursday.

After the sex with the crew, the hotel had to take “a good look” at its surveillance cameras, the newspaper said.

It also reported that hotel staff did not know about the sexual encounter until after the fact.

On Thursday, Shanghai Mayor Wang Yu, a member of the city’s Communist Party, announced that the hotel would be forced to remove the “sexual perversion” from its CCTV cameras.

The Chinese government has been criticized for its lax stance toward the pandemic.

According to CNN, the country’s health ministry has issued a list of measures to combat the pandemics, including a new law that requires people to stay at least 30 meters away from public places, and has banned the use of electronic devices in public places.