Topless cruise ships are not safe for passengers

Italian cruise ships may have to be closed after being discovered with live cockroaches and a dangerous lack of toilet seats.

Sources close to the investigation said the shipyards and the cruise line were in talks to make changes to the vessel to stop the spread of the deadly infection.

“We are talking to the cruise ships operators and the marine parks to make sure that there is a solution that will make them safe,” said Andrea Saldana, an investigator with the anti-cruelty watchdog.

The cruise ship is the flagship of the cruise ship line P&o Cruises.

The investigation into the outbreak of the fungus has revealed the existence of live cockroach in toilets on board the ship.

“There are no toilets in the ship,” said Saldanas investigation.

“They are not designed for the presence of cockroach.

There are no places where cockroches can live.

It is very sad.”

Saldanas report was published on Wednesday and has not yet been confirmed by the authorities.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The outbreak has already affected about 50 passengers and crew on the ship and forced the evacuation of about 100 passengers and staff.

The P&O Cruises website says the ship is a family of luxury cruises, with its capacity for more than 60 guests.

The vessel was due to leave Italy in early March and was scheduled to arrive in France on April 10.